What girls learn in P1-P7 & S1-S6

Image Source Primary School P1 – P7 Primary school is divided into seven years. For students in Lower Primary (mainly P1-P3), the focus is on literacy; this is done through learning standard numbers and life skills, where teachers are encouraged to develop their own materials. They will therefore usually select

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Why we immunize for HPV

Image source HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus, is a major cause of cervical cancer in Uganda. It is one of the leading causes of death in women the world over, in fact 300,000 women die from cervical cancer every year. The risk factors for HPV are stated to be that

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Benefits of cancer screening in Uganda

When it comes to cancer, nothing is more important than helping individuals and entire communities across Uganda become more aware of the seriousness of cancer in its many forms. Cancer affects people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, so it’s essential that people understand the risks and factors that lead

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Cancer & HIV AIDS rates in Uganda

HIV and AIDS continue to be extremely serious concerns across Uganda. Recent statistics from UNAIDS said that in 2017: Around 1.4 million people were living with HIV, particularly women and young women, were disproportionately affected; The prevalence rate for adults aged 15-49 was 5.9%; 50,000 adults and children were newly

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Our project goal – sponsor 1000 students in 2019

Image Source When it comes to children, education is a vital part of their development. Through a properly structured system of study and focus, kids and teenagers open the possibilities for better career prospects as well as gain the confidence of understanding how the world works, therefore giving them the

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Ugandan Tour 2019

August 2019, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa Register Your Interest Located in the heart of East Africa, Uganda is rich in wildlife, nature, culture, heritage and history. Its biological and cultural diversity is unmatched for a country the size of Great Britain or the Australian state of Victoria. Eleven per

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Impact of students missing class (primary or secondary)

Image Source: Globally, it is undeniable that the progress of a nation is dependent on educating its citizens. In Uganda, education is a fundamental human right and the state has a duty to provide both compulsory and free education for citizens. The Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education

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Value of girls’ education in Uganda

Simply put, educated girls help break the cycle of poverty. Girls who attend school are more likely to enter the work force, earn higher incomes, delay marriage, plan their families better and thus seek an education for their own children. Despite the gender gap slowly shrinking over time, girls’ education

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Home Visit Program – December 2018

Our recent outreach program ran from December 10th to 15th in Mpigi and Wakisdistricts, and we are taking a more individual and holistic approach. Throughout the week, our team in Uganda visited patients identified in our last twp rograms who are living with cancer or HIV/Aids, providing individuals with medical,

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