• Education & Awareness

    Teaching students, young adults and the disadvantaged about cancer and HIV/Aids, the causes and possible preventative measures.

  • Care & Screening Programs

    District-based free cancer screening and post-diagnosis care programs, providing support to sufferers and their families.

  • Counselling & Care Services

    Support programs, financial support and healthcare services for sufferers who are not able to afford traditional hospital-based services.

  • Preventative Measures

    Education and provision of immunizations and treatments for students and young adults.


Our Programs

Getting out and about in the community is the only way to meet those who are seeking education and counselling. Cancer and HIV/Aids are still regarded as taboo in many regions of Africa, and our focus is on bringing an understanding of the causes, treatment options and outcomes to improve the lives of those inflicted.

Our outreach programs consist of a number of key components, and are undertaken in various regions of Uganda. Programs typically run for 1-4 weeks, depending on the population of the region.

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