Who are we?

We are a registered Australian Charity focused on providing healthcare awareness, advice and preventative treatment in Uganda, Africa.

We are a small organization with large dreams - founded by Matthew Proctor and Stella Nakato


Winds of Hope was formed in 2016 as a fundraising vehicle for projects and activities in Uganda, Africa, supported by the local Ugandan and East African communities in Australia.


Our mission is to provide awareness and education programs in Uganda about cancer and HIV/Aids.

Our focus is on early detection, prevention, nutrition and treatments.


Reducing undiagnosed and untreated cancer and HIV/Aids is our ultimate goal.

This can only be achieved through education, nutrition improvements and preventative measures.

About Us

Winds of Hope is an Australian based charity that was founded in 2016 to help raise funds and medical equipment to help healthcare
facilities and professionals in Uganda provide a better quality of service to their patients and their communities.

Our Story

Our Causes

Currently we are supporting a care facility for cancer patients in Kampala, Uganda.

Winds of Hope and Mother Mary Care Centre Teams

Mother Mary Cancer Care Centre

Mother Mary Cancer Care Centre is dedicated to providing the best care to cancer patients including good nutrition to all our cancer patients and a home of choice to patients on palliative stage who have no place to stay.


Winds of Hope and Mother Mary Care Centre Teams

School and Community Outreach

We provide regular community outreach programs across many districts of Uganda. Our is to create awareness of cancer in the community by providing educational talks, mass screenings, immunizations and counselling.

Our Blog

Our Services

There are many activities that can help underprivileged people around the world. We're focusing on three:

Cancer & HIV/Aids Awareness

We provide awareness and education programs to students and young people to help spread the word about preventative measures and ongoing care.

Clinical Services

Winds of Hope provides clinical services, including immunizations, health checks and cancer screening in Uganda, Africa, through our partner charity Mother Mary Care Centre.

Medical Care

Where possible, Winds of Hope can provide sponsorship and medical care to those in needs through our fundraising partners.

Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out to us at any time - we'd love to hear from you!

PO Box 7319,
Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia