Most cancer sufferers in Africa can not afford basic healthcare or medical support. Winds of Hope aims to change that.

Stella and Matthew founded Winds of Hope in Australia as a fundraising charity to assist with the construction and operation of the Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

Aside from the facility, our primary activities are focused around community awareness programs, education and support for cancer sufferers.

Our long-term vision is to provide on-going fulltime awareness and education programs, as well as funding and equipment to expand the capability of heathcare professionals in Uganda.

  • 2013 - Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre opened in Uganda, led by Stella
  • 2014 - Ugandan outreach programs start, including participation in national awareness campaigns
  • 2015-2018 - Ugandan outreach programs continue, focusing on Mpigi and nearby districts as those identified as having the highest level of need
  • 2016 - Winds of Hope planning begins, expanding the scope of the original idea
  • 2017 - Winds of Hope formed as a Registered Australian Charity, begins local fundraising and awareness campaigns
  • 2018 - Ugandan outreach programs expands scope to include direct family support programs
  • 2019 - Winds of Hope begins education programs and primary-school scholarships in Uganda
  • 2020-2021 - Support for two primary schools continue, in-country activities briefly paused due to Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2022 - Our team visits Kyebe Maternity Clinic in Uganda, working with Rotary Club of Albert Park to help fundraise


Winds of Hope is run by Stella and Matthew, with help and assistance from a wide range of volunteers and carers both locally in Australia and in Uganda, Africa.

Stella and Matthew run Winds of Hope out of its Australian office, travelling to Uganda to oversee projects and activities on average 3-4 times per year (apart from 2020-2021 during the pandemic).

Whilst in Uganda, they also work on a number of related projects for local organizations and Rotary Clubs, expanding their network of contacts and contributing as much time as possible to the local community.

Both are active members of local Rotary Clubs, in Australia and Uganda, and participate in a number of other causes as well.

Stella Nakato and Matthew Proctor, Winds of Hope

Stella Nakato Founder & CEO

Stella is an Australian healthcare professional, originally from Kampala, Uganda. Stella founded the Mother Mary Cancer Palliative Care Centre in Uganda, with support from her family and friends in the capital city Kampala.

Using her healthcare experience in Australia, and extensive experience in Uganda, Stella is passionate about expanding the centre and making supportive and palliative care available to those in need in Uganda.

A particular focus of her work is around cancer diagnosis, treatment options, counselling and nutrition education for those at risk in Uganda.

Matthew Proctor Co Founder LinkedIn

Matthew is an IT and Telecommunications executive and supporter of good charities, good causes and great coffee.

He leverages his corporate experience to help fundraise for Winds of Hope and the Cancer Care Centre, as well as being responsible for overall finances and technology.

He has fundraised for many causes over the years, both African and Australian charities, and even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro multiple times to raise money for those in need!


We are a registered Australian Charity with a local board based in Melbourne, Victoria., specializing in Advancing Heath and social and public welfare.

Our full details ACNC registration details are available at: ACNC