Supporting the Kisaabwa Primary School in Bukomansimbi

First Posted: 19-Sep-2019

A key focus for Winds of Hope for 2019 and beyond is the expansion of our outreach programs and services to support primary education in Uganda.

Stella and the team recently visited the Kisaabwa Primary School in Bukomansimbi, collaborating with the Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala, to understand the needs of the school, and more importantly the needs of the students.

Kisaabwa Primary School - Winds of Hope
Kisaabwa Primary School - Winds of Hope
Kisaabwa Primary School - Winds of Hope
Kisaabwa Primary School - Winds of Hope

At the school, about half of the children enrolled had reported back to school from their holidays.

The majority, however, have not paid the UGX24,000 school dues. Stella has committed to covering the fees for for the 10 best P6 pupils next term and beyond.

Winds of Hope will also support the local Rotary Club's project to construct a new concrete floor to replace the bare earth floor on which the school currently sits.

Support from Winds of Hope

Winds of Hope has committed to supporting the Kisaabwa Primary School as an active ongoing project, and will working to raise money for additional student

  • School fees for the 10 best P6 (Primary 6 / Year 6) students
  • Uniforms for students unable to afford their own
  • Contribution to construction of concrete floor for school building
  • Looking to i

Thank-you to Bonnie Nsambu, PE Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala for inviting us to support this project.

RC Kololo-Kampala provides ongoing support for the school and its students as part of its community programs.

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